Post-surgery physiotherapy and rehabilitation for a speedy recovery

Our qualified Chartered physiotherapists can see you before your operation to prepare you for the big day. You go through a sophisticated program of physiotherapy so get ready for surgeries in general but particularly  hip replacement and hip replacement and other operations for joint and bone.. They also will help you  through the recovery process, Therapy and Rehab physiotherapy service, has an exceptional reputation for delivering professional rehabilitation designed around you and your needs. Our experienced and fully-qualified physiotherapists and Occupational therapists will recommend excellent programme of exercises and rehabilitation post operation to make sure you recover quickly and are back to normal before you know it.

Contact us and ask for our recovery and rehabilitation packages for 

Shoulder operations

Knee replacements

Joint surgery

Hip replacements

Neck and spine operations

Elbow and wrist operations

Or any surgery or operation

Qualified and skilled Physiotherapists and Occupational therapists

If you are unable to come to our physiotherapy clinic, you can also ask for a therapist to come to your home and help you with the exercises and rehabilitation. Therapy and rehab physiotherapy Service also offers high-quality home adaptations. Contact us to speak to our expert therapists in Batley.

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